Dragon Heros

An AE Guild for Dragon Lords
that fight to stop evil from
taking over Lore and dragons.
slayers from Killing our dragons

Site Modafactions

I have been appointed leader of the DH's by DOOMS, and I will do my best to lead us, so bear with me, if you have any questions feel free to PM me on the DF Forums or here, thanks everyone, lets make DOOMS proud, also i will be holding some polls for different command placements and would greatly appreciate any new ideas to make the guild better, thanks everyone, signed Warmonger Starsaber.

I have gone threw a lot of the pages tweaking here and there and even got read of a few things on the pages the site is currently being made over with these small and possiably unnoticed or even noticeable changes 
  • the rank supreme WAR monger has been removed 
  • the branchs are up to date with the AE fourms
  • chacters and wtf photo albums have been removed
  • a new forum thread has been made in attampt to find inactivaty/makeing it easier to get wave counts/getting this site used more
  • a few other small things

here are some changes i am planing on the site
  • new xat background image
  • new site background
  • new xat music player (and im going to try to get some music on the site as well)
  • polls
  • and a few other things that i have in me mind but not sure yet or want to surprise you all with

Branchs And Legend

the branches are now up and running we have three to choose from for our members (Shadow Dragons Earthen Upholders and Metal Jury) each branch will hold 10 members so be sure to pick which branch you wantbeforethat one is full

after legend helped a ton to get thesebranch'sand kick ass banners for the DH he haddecidedto part ways with the Dragon in search of his own guild on behalf of all the Dragons I wish him Luck on his journey and if you see him on the forums be sure to give him the same
  • now what this means is meaning legend was head of cumminactions and was a branch leader
  • Earthen Upholders is looking for a Leader i will be looking at all earthen upholders to see who will takecontrolof it
  • Starsaber88 has tooken the role of Head of comminactions
  • Legend has already sent me a invite to be allies and of course i had approved and as soon as i get the info i will be adding it to alliance listings
  • Starsaber88 has taken a leave and has gone to the Celestial Guardians, we wish him luck and prosperity in his new group.
in other news the chats music player is workingagainbut its throwing off something that i have not programed it to play so i will be going threw and fixing that when i get to that (ATM to busy with WARing and cantrememberhow i get to the radio tuner so bare with me on this one) and we also have a new templet

10th Member and Possible Branchs

we have just gotten our tenth member of the Dragon Heros a couple days back locking in all instant members upon arrival all new members will now start at the rank of Recruiter

also me and the Dragon have been talking and we think meaning that we now have 10 people that it might be a good idea to start two branchs of the DH as soon as we can agree upon good names and we get more people to join us we pretty much have agreed on one of the two names and want to wate a little bit longer before we make it official to get some more ranks in 

how the guild branch system will work
  1. there will be a total of three banchs with the possabilty of more depending on how well we do with them
  2. as of now each branch will only have 10 members in them
  3. branch leaders will be COs of the DH
  4. if a branch leader is a CO already he will take on the responabiltys of Branch Leader and his orginal CO job
  5. if the branch system is doing well and i think we can handle more then the max 30 members will be raised by 10 for any additional branch thats added how ever if it seems to be failing ALL branchs will be removed and everyone will goto rank that i think is best for them
  6. if we do apply more branchs then the branch system fails all members from all branchs will assume the rank that i think is best for them

3 new sigs

i have uploaded three new guild sigs in the offical guild sig section cheack them out

some most likely unseen and some you are seeing

the past couple of days i have been doing some minor adjustments on the AE forums a little bit removing our chat room link from there so we still have our chat but no one else can get in it i have also edited the fine print a bit to make less confusion on the guilds no slayers rule and every page other then the the site now has a over scale i had brought back my orgianl site design as a background image (i spent a lot of working on making that image i had to peice it togther inch by inch of the orginal tamplet then added the dragon pics) over the second tamplet so its old meets new there we have a new basic sig in and i will be implanting it to the forums later along with the new banner turned into a sig like the older looks of the basic DH sig no problem our forums WILL NEVER get read of any of the sigs new ones will be added but none would be taken and i also added a side bar for more user friendly 

A Busy Dragon

were to start with so many little things i probly should start with something that me and legend had talked about a couple days back he came to me and said that our current banner and basic signs were out dated and needed a new look i strongly agreed and he had offered to get something setted up when i loged into my comp this afternoon i had seen that he had a imige of a banner i loved it in fact its the new home screen of the site and also my sig (with my name added of course) i have went threw the site and changed a bunch of little things and added a couple small things and feed the dragon a few things as well lets start with that i feed the dragon and why 

  • TMCD radio has not been on the air for some time and i do believe none of them are really talking anymore so there radio player has been removed
  •  links site has been removed due to the fact all it is is just a page of unused space holding DF and AQW servers as well as the master account all things that you should already have (other then the AQW server but thats from when we were muti game and not just DF) has been removed
  •  the photos page was not being used so it got feed to the dragon as well (if you would like it back talk to me about it and i will run a poll on it)

  • a page in our forums to allow people to become allies/enemies threw this site
  • ranks listing and  what they mean

Whats been changed

  • auto accept as limited member to the chat so other guilds can apply to become a friend/foe
  • chat now has a lock on it to were you have to be a member of the guild to use (let me know your part of the guild and i will approve you into chat
  • meaning our about us and our header were the same i just took the about us out and left the header as is
  • goals/war goals are now on home page
  • guild banner
  • i have made it were older news is now at the bottom of the page and newer news is at the top
there will be more changes over the next few days/weeks to better the site and experience some you may see and others you may not

Legends Promtion

it seems we tend to lose touch during peace season and people end up leaving us so i have promoted I am legend not. to head of communications his promotion was based on hes really the only active member of the guild on the forums during both peace time and war season so stop by the forums and leave him a congrats 

Game servers no more

due to the fact that ae does not support there servers on anything thing other then there servers all games have been removed from the chat room and i am now going threw the Dragon Heros website to be in the chat just because we cant play in the chat room does not mean we should let a good room goto waste

FB interactions

you are now able to log in to the site using your Facebook info also we now have a like button and later on i will see if we have a app on Facebook itself not sure may have to set one up but will worry about that after the war and if you goto your profile here it seems you can also change your stats on FB


they say you cant keep a good dragon down this seems to be true in this case so for the third time (and lets hope its for good) WERE BACK


the Dragon Heros (DH) have been respawned and is ready to smite all

New Look Same Dragon

i have went threw and altered the site completely new tamplet (kind of had to accidently wiped the whole set up trying to pull a pic off the site) a new header picture and even altered the DH banner on homepage to fit the new look how you like it also meaning TMCD radio is not on the air anymore nore do i think they are talking to each other i have removed there radio player from the site bare with me as i look around to see about getting some sort of music in here well think thats it so back to the war for me

Revamped almost done

I have gone threw and made more mods for the site I had changed the text on the header to a more of a what type of guild we are, atm TMCD radio is having server issues and they are working on getting it back up and running for us I had also removed the enemies page and combined it with the allies page  and meaning i have this chat room invisible to all but ae were going to linking our signs with the site and will be useing the forums some more to get us  more members also i have in mind and a comp that will allow me to do it of making new signs that looks way better then our current one and i am also asking everyone to put a cp (chacter page) link into there about me section to do so log into DF when you select your chacter click chacter page copy the link in the adress bar and then goto this site in members section click your edit write your chacter name highlight it then add link then paster the link and hit ok that is all for now

TMCD Radio and BoH

the people at TMCD radio was nice enough to let us add there station to the web site in exchange to get more listeners so we have three pages for them with there player on it Home page Chat here page and Chat With TMCD all without leaving the site but why not stop in and say high for letting us use there station for those of you wondering what TMCD radio is its a small underground online radio station that plays everything from oldies to current pop and rock and they can use some help to get up there so stop on bye and thank them also we have a allie a couple of you already know them but most dont so i will just say it as a Allie we have BoH aka Beacons Of Hope not only is it one of the top DF clans its also the only pure DF clan and thats just the tip of the iceberg of what i have in store for this guild so keep checking frequently cause i have tons more surprises for us

New Setup

so i noticed that im the only one active well im hopeing this changes everything Added Xat (its a online chat room just click chat to chat from there site which has features or chat here to chat from the guild page) Changed the entrance requirements Altered the member list there is only two ranks now Mod and Member Altered the rank list meaning there is only two ranks i took and threw everyone in one list i also had numbered the list so people know how many we have open and there is Forums Altered we have chat so we don't need the war forums in ours anymore thats just to start after the war i will start working on more things such as well wait and see

dress and class

last night i issused a dress and class code this morning i threw that out the window its not right for me to tell you how to play your chacter so be what you want and were what you want other then dragon slayer

clan approval

it seems the AK's cant understand my grammer so they cant approve us, but no worries im already on it i have a friend that im calling in that plays AQW and DF and we been bros since 98-2002 so he knows what im talking about and will fix it up real good, he is by far ther best man for this job and as a token of my appreciation he's becoming a honorary instant admin, so if you see Bothic on be sure to give him a warm welcome.

Forgotten Request And couple other things

Oops i forgot to send not only a request but a link to the site never fear though i have sent one to theo tonight my bad also i tried to make a new sign tonight four actually but its going to have to wait cause im going to have to go back from scratch, sorry. At the moment while we wait for theo to check out to see if we are on the right track all pages have been unlocked for him to take a look at and make sure everything is in order however once he gives us our feedback, the site will be back on lockdown which means everything but the home page, guest book, and news will be locked again for all your characters safety.

Some Fixes

I Went Threw And Added A New Background if it looks famillier thats cause i took the orgainal background and pieced it togther inch by inch as well as made us a new banner if you do not like it tough, deal with it cause that was a pain in my rear.
Also Ninjaty Got The Member Signs Links Fixed so now you can post them in your forums (without pming one of us for the codes) I also had uploaded one mp3 file for the dragon pics, sound famillier? it should it's from the final battle with drakkonan from the fire war this will probabally be the one and only song and place you will find music here due to bandwith space now i am going to go figure out why our dragons wont show in the slidshow on the main page ttys and good luck. BATTLE ON!

Page Design

Our Current Page Design has Limited us to text so we had to switch to this white screen to maximize our text, for now you have to look at a plane white screen but never fear i am currently piecing the old design into a picture so you wont have to look at a pure white screen

Forum Signs Fixed

They Are Now Fixed And Working

Forum Sign Issues

Currently We Are Having Issues With Getting Our Forum Signs To Link Right Message Do0ms Or Ninjaty For Your Code To Get One Of Your Signs Coded And We Will Send The Code To Your Inbox Thank You


We Are Currently working On Getting A Better Forums System Bare With Us


Due To Our Banner Being To Big For The AE Forums I Have Made A Forum Verison Of It In Our Forums Its The Same Thing Just Has Two DA's And No Dragon Lord Loss