Dragon Heros

An AE Guild for Dragon Lords
that fight to stop evil from
taking over Lore and dragons.
slayers from Killing our dragons

Rules To Join

Must Play The AE (Artix Entertainment) Game DF (Dragon Fable) 

must be on the ae forums at least once a month

can not use dragon slayer (all other classes can be used NOTE: you are allowed to have it and fully trained it this rule only applys to the chacter that your ae fourms says is your main by your CI number when it comes to useing it)

must have at least one member character.

Guild Goals

  1. Get atleast 10 members (COMPLELTED)
  2. Have atleast 20 members
  3. Have all 30 members
  4. Become a known guild (good enough to say COMPLELTED)

WAR Goals

D00MS of the Dragon Heros will get more waves then GreyWarden of the Dark knights in Wrath of the 13th!(forced forfit)
Soulless Shadow of the Dragon heros get more waves then Dragonknight315 of Dark Knights in Wrath of the 13th!(failed)
stop ebil corp from destroying AE  (COMPLETED)
have atleast a total of combined 6500 waves in the Rise Of The Turdukens war (failed results will remain unknown)
have atleast a total of 6005 waves in Winged Darknesswar  (COMPLETED)
have atleast a total 6500 waves in  Dragon Roses War  (COMPLETED)
have atleast a total 5500 waves in 13th 13th  (COMPLETED)


Get at least a total of combined 6500 waves in Winged Darkness War, MVP Starsaber88 Hit 10,500 Waves on His own for the War