Dragon Heros

An AE Guild for Dragon Lords
that fight to stop evil from
taking over Lore and dragons.
slayers from Killing our dragons

The Ranks

  • Leader = Has the final say in everything
  • Second in command = Is in charge when the leader is not around
  • Head Of Communications = Who you talk to when the leader and Second in command is not around also setting up meetings

Rest of the guild
  • Member = Someone who might be called upon by CO to help with something
  • Recruiter = Someone whos posts the Dragon Heros sig every chance they get (without breacking the AE forum rules)

More on Ranks

COs are admin (have something speacial behind there name)
members are mods
recruiters are members

the highest rank you can get without being CO is a site member which will give you mod status
promotions are completely random and based on who should get one (Note: the more involved you are with this site and and guild on any AE based site were there are forums is more likely you will be promoted once you get modship it may take forever to get a co status and new recruiters can and probably will get promoted faster an old member)

and lastly this site will NOT let me promote anyone to a mod or above in less they have completed there profile there for this will also play a factor if you get a promotion or not so i STRONGLY in courage you all to finish your profile so if your up for a promotion you can receive it

Chain Of Command

  1. Starsaber88 (Leader/Metal Jury Branch Leader)
  2. Soulless Shadow
  3. ScarletReaper (Member)
  4. Frost Moglin (2nd in Command)
  5. rivvar (Member)
  6. cronus222 (Member)
  7. dragonshark (Member)
  8. ScythOfShadows (Member)
  9. Akecza (Member)
  10. Death Arrows (Member)
  11. That Hero Guy (Member)
  12. Ferret1 (Head of communications/Shadow Dragons Branch leader)
  13. Sflamin (Earthen Upholders Branch Leader)
  14. Flashbang (Member)
  15. Whitestar5 (Recruiter)
  16. blaze656 (Recruiter)
  17. Bernand (Recruiter)